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Oral presentations
Every meeting room has one set PC computer - video projector + 1 overhead projector, there will be also a laser pointer. The PC is equipped at least with PDF reader and MS PowerPoint. The best is that you bring a CDROM or a USB key with your presentation and load it on the computer before your session starts. If you have used an independent equation editor for your equations on PowerPoint (I do) then is best if you bring a PDF presentation, otherwise your equations won't show correctly.

One half of the poster room will be for posters in session 19 (these remain from Monday to Wednesday), the other half room is for Monday and Wednesday oral papers with poster presentation.
For the latter, you'll have a designated specific panel with the title of your talk on it (to help you find your panel). This will be done for the Monday papers and renovated for the Wednesday papers.
The poster panel is 2 m (vertical) x 1 m (across) with a practical display
area of 1.53 m x 0.90 m. You'll find on place all the usual paraphernalia to attach your poster to the panel. If you're bringing a laptop for supplementary display let us know asap.